Letterbombs/Rodmans 7"
Rebound Records

First off, I want to say "Fuck You" to whatever pressing plant glued
the wrong labels on the wrong sides, confusing me eternally.  Getting that
out of the way, I must say, this is one fantastic piece of vinyl.  The
Rodmans are from around Chicago (although I had never heard of them
before), and they pack 4 rockin' poppy-punk songs with gritty vocals into
about 4 minutes.  All have that right amount of catchiness to keep your
head bobbing and your mind interested.  On the other side, we have the
Letterbombs, who didn't rock quite as much as the Rodmans, but still
contribute 2 solid punk songs.  The guy's voice just bored me a little, but
it isn't bad at all.  I highly recommend this for the Rodmans side, and the
fucked up labels.  I want more from the Rodmans, and soon!        
...scott heisel...

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