The Letter E - S/T
Tiger Style

This is a solid introduction to what I'm sure will be a good
band.  Instrumental music in the vein of The Six Parts Seven and a
little bit of Lullabye For The Working Class thrown in for good
measure.  If I didn't know any better, I would think it was the
former.  This is a little more diverse than, oh, say, Pele (who I also
reviewed for this update), but the lack of material on this record leaves
a bit to be desired.  After all, it is only an EP.  The motif-builders
(such as some twangy slide guitar work) only get time for an introduction
before the CD is over with.  However, each of the four songs are
completely fleshed out and full.  I have no complaints on the content of
of the songs given.  They are catchy, active, and rounded; they seem like
one of the better instrumental bands out there right now (and hell, there
seem to be a ton right now).

That being said, it's incredibly hard giving this CD an objective review. What kills me when listening to this is the fact that there are members of June of 44 and Rex in this band. The Letter E doesn't come close to (and really shouldn't be expected to) either of those bands. This is why the "ex-members of" tag is such a double edged sword (to use a bad cliche). While I'm sure the fact that members of Rex and June of '44 will certainly pique peoples' interests, it's not really fair to hold these four songs up against said bands' back catalogs. After hearing this I'm completely confident that The Letter E will come into their own and escape the dreaded "ex-members" tag. I'm fucking stoked aobut the upcoming full-length.
...david smith...

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