The Lunachicks - Drop Dead Live
Go Kart Records

     The Lunachicks are back.  I will wait a moment, so you can catch
your breath.  Drop Dead Live is their latest offering, containing live
performances of such staples as The Day Squid's Gerbil Died, Buttplug,
and a cover of Iggy Pop's The Passenger.
     All things considered, I remain indifferent to the existence of
this CD.  On the positive side, it is punk rock.  There is really no
way to deny this.  Several of the songs have jazzy preludes, but there
is nothing experimental in the album--it's the sort of stuff you can
hear in a thousand coffee house basements and college town bars on any
given night of the week.  
     And the Lunachicks are as authentic as they come. Sold on the
punk lifestyle like few other bands are, they ooze desire and emotion.
 It's just that the emotion they obviously put into Wing Chun isn't
exactly contagious because 1)  you can't tell what the fuck they are
saying (which is, frankly, not an issue since it is a live punk cd,
chrystal clear vochals would be a bit queer), 2)  once you find out
what they were saying you don't much care (which isn't a *huge* issue
since they are not political punk) and 3)  you don't give a shit about
the music either.  They're pouring out their hearts in a loud fast
orgy of something, and I'm feeling mildly sleepy and reading some
poetry.  This isn't quite right.
     The album is emotionally raw in the way that seeing an old woman
naked accidentally is raw--it's a bit unnerving and certainly
authentic, but not an experience you care to continue or repeat.
     The saving grace for punk bands is usually their great senses of
humour.  If all else fails, punks can laugh at themselves.  But girls
almost never can.  And I guess this is the way in which the Chicks
most significantly put the girl before the punk.  Even songs like "The
Day Squid's Gerbil Died" or "Gone Kissin'" which seem to have some
vague stabs at humour put into their lyrics, fundamentally take
themselves too seriously to be goofy humour and certainly aren't drop
dead comic masterpieces.
     Goddamn me, I set out to say a few good things about the album
before I criticized it, but I couldn't say even one unqualified good
comment.  Well, if you're a horny 15 year old punker boy, you probably
really want to scrump the Lunachicks, and there are a few pictures in
the liner notes.  Or if you're a 15 year old punk girl looking for a
rolemodel, and have already accepted your own fundamental lack of
talent, this is a good band to emulate.
     Or, if you just like really genuine punk rock sounds, and are
addicted to the *form* of punk and don't care much about *substance*,
this is a must have!@!   So are 10,000 other albums so I hope your
parents are wealthy!@!
     Maybe if the guys from Weston, also on Go-Kart wrote their
lyrics, the Chicks would be a lot better, because they have that punk
rock sound Weston never got down.
     Oh, and Iggy Pop should kick all the Chicks' asses for what they
did to The Passenger.  The Michael HUtchence cover of it was far and
away better.
     So, to sum up, it isn't good, it isn't pretty, it is punk, it
isn't good punk, but if you just have to have some real punk music
played by girls, it may be your best bet, next to finding a few old
X-Ray Spex albums.  Which I recommend.
...ron provine...

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