Lupine Howl - 125 EP
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The writers at have this to say about a British band called Spiritualized:

...Spiritualized staked out a common ground between minimalism and lush symphonics while powered by simple, repetitious motifs, their songs simultaneously blossomed into rich, shimmering sonic panoramas inspired by the majestic studio wizardry of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson...
Which is to say that Spiritualized was really the latest in a long tradition of British psychedelic "drug music" featuring extended jams, spaced-out themes and a healthy helping of shoegazer drone. They have built their cult status upon an amalgamation of this Brit-psych heritage and an affinity for blues, gospel and soul. All in all it makes for an uneven but interesting sound.
What does this have to do with Lupine Howl? One might say Lupine Howl was forced into existence through attrition. In 1999 Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce fired the larger part of his band, apparently to free himself creatively. In a strange coincidence, the three bandmates who were sacked from their jobs all felt similarly free of restraint.
One would think that such undercurrents of freedom and boundless creativity would contribute to a truly great work of art. One who would think such thoughts would be wrong.
Lupine Howl has put together an amalgamation of singles and b-sides and released it as the 125 EP in advance of their new full length album. It is a mixed bag of tired out versions of the old Spiritualized formula. Sure, they've added a little British funk-boogie now and again, but in spite of Lupine's best efforts this record is needlessly bogged down. Extended instrumental intros, slow tempos and stoned vocals do nothing but make already overlong tracks seem even longer. I found myself fast forwarding on several occasions, and eventually skipping tracks altogether.
If you need to hear some smoky British psychedelic funk, visit your local record store and buy everything in the Pink Floyd back catalog prior to 1973. If Interstellar Overdrive is too cliche, consider checking out some Spiritualized. Unfortunately for Lupine Howl, the 125 EP simply doesn't stack up. If the full length is any better, I'll be sure to let you know.
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