Madball - Hold It Down
Epitaph Records

What is the big deal about Madball?  It seems like every East Coast
hardcore band owes their life to them.  To me, they seem pretty
insignificant, given the fact that the band was formed as an Agnostic Front
side project [who I feel are much more influential], and there is only one
original member left in the band.  This just seems silly to be living off
of past accomplishments.  The music itself is nothing special, it's the
same thing Madball's been doing forever, although this stuff sounds a bit
more metal than some of their older material.  I know people will slag me
for this review, but those are the people who would have bought this
regardless of what I would have said.  More power to them.  I say stay away
from Madball.      
...scott heisel...

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