Mad Trucker Gone Mad - EP
Crustacean Records

This stuff is pretty standard--but they did 'pretty
standard' on what is clearly a pretty low budget and
for that alone Mad Trucker Gone Mad deserves some

The vocals are average, the instrumentals are pretty fast and intense but not all that compelling for the most part. The lyrics are oddly touching in parts because songs like "Another Job Gone" remind me of my relatives, many of whom still owe me money. But for the most part, well, this is not a lyrically driven band.
I have to say MTGM shows very real signs of promise with one song on the album in spite of the mediocrity of the rest of the material. "Slab City Rocket" is fun--reminds me of the Stray Cats though I supsect it is patterned more after the Reverend Horton Heat. Either way MTGM seems very comfortable handling the rockabilly (or punk-a-billy) genre and doing cool things with it. I listened to this song three or four times straight through because it was entertaining and interesting.
For the most part the album was inoffensive (though "Another Job Gone" pretty much failed to connect to me musically or in any way other than reminding me of loans I have foolishly made) and Slab City Rocket was quite good--so if you really like low budget passable rock and roll this is a pretty good album to have. If not, I wasn't talking to you anyway.
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