Mephiskapheles - Might-Ay White-Ay
Koch Records

The long anticipated third release of Satanic ska band Mephiskapheles left me 
somewhat dissapointed, I'm sorry to say.  The band seems to be moving 
toward a darker sound with this release, as compared with their first album 
"God Bless Satan."  Most of the songs on this CD were just dark, and not 
terribly melodic; not the way ska should sound in my opinion (except for the 
Blue Meanies, of course.)  There were a few decent tracks, but not enough to 
warrant actually going out and buying the CD.  I suppose if you're a die hard 
Mephiskapheles fan, you'll probably like this release simply because it's 
Mephiskapheles.  If you like the band but aren't crazy about them, I'd 
suggest not wasting your money on this release.  There are better ska CDs out 
...kevin pasquinelli...

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