The Milwaukees - The Bland Comfort Of Life With Lloyd Justin
24/7 Records

No, they are not from Wisconsin, but yes, they do rock.  The Milwaukees, 
hailing from New Jersey, have put together 6 songs that are taxing on your 
counting skills [3 songs in 7/4 time!  Crazy!], while at the same time making 
you bob your head and play air guitar right along with them. "Planes Above Us," 
the first track, is a great up-tempo emo-rock song, and sets the tone for the 
rest of the album.  Even the last song, "Lloyd Justin," starts off with a 
pseudo-metal riff, but then kicks into the rock some more.  As I mentioned 
earlier, the time changes in here are crazy and seem to come out of nowhere.  
It's nice to hear the beat change up, and their rhythm section is one of the 
tightest musically that I have heard in some time.  The singer's voice for some 
reason reminds me of a cross between Jamie of the Stereo and J. Robbins of Jawbox, 
even though the band doesn't particularly sound like either.  The band kind of 
has a sound like a harder-edged Gameface, or maybe a not as ferocious Husker Du.  
Either way, this EP is a winner, look for big things from this band.
...scott heisel...

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