Mock Orange - The Record Play
Lobster Records

Mock Orange exemplifies everything that is wrong with the independent 
scene.  Now, don't misunderstand me: there is nothing wrong with the 
band itself.  In fact, I am falling head over heels in love with their 
sweet blend of Braid, Jimmy Eat World and American Football.  The 
problem lies in their label -- Lobster Records.  Now, be honest, how 
many people have heard of this label?  I see maybe a few hands.  I'm 
not badmouthing the label, either.  The problem today is that too many 
really good bands put their albums out on obscure indie labels with 
little-to-no distribution, and in turn, very few people will hear the 
band.  Essentially the market is becoming flooded.  If this band could 
get on Polyvinyl, or Doghouse, or Big Wheel Recreation, they could be 
absolutely huge.  This album just will not get out of my head to save 
it's life.  From the opener, "Brake Lights On," with it's stop/start 
drums and crazy guitar licks, to "In Even Time," which will have you 
wanting to play air guitar for 3 minutes straight, to "Nothing To Write," 
which sounds like a Braid outtake [but it is much better than Hey 
Mercedes], Mock Orange rocks hard.  My only wish for this band is that 
they get incredibly popular, at least on the independent scene.  Music 
this talented deserves to be heard.  Good luck, boys!
...scott heisel...

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