The Monorchid - Who Put Out the Fire?
Touch & Go

I could swear that the blurb the distro gave this CD said it was emo. If this is emo, that
word has become so bastardized as to make it completely worthless as a description of a musical
genre (if it wasn't already). To me, the Monorchid sound like Jesus Lizard-y garage rock, with the
Touch & Go style (no surprise, really, since this is on T&G). The vocals remind me of a slightly
less snotty and more understandable version of The Meantraitors vocals (The Meantraitors are
"Russia's No. 1 Psychobilly Band Ever!!!" according to a cassette of theirs I bought. I thought
their vocalist sounded a little bit like Johnny Rotten at his snottiest). Anyway, this is good
stuff, and if you're into garagey stuff you should check this out.  
...john heisel...

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