The Monsignors - Are You There God, It's Us, The Monsignors
Harmless Records

What can be said about the Monsignors' latest release?  The first phrase
that comes to mind is, "What a surprise!"  There are those of you out
there that might know exactly what I'm talking about.  After seeing the
Monsignors play live a couple of years ago, I never wanted to see or hear
from them again.  But they've obviously gotten a hell of a lot better
since the last time I saw them, because this CD was pretty damn good.
First of all, just to clarify something, the Monsignors are NOT ska in the
true sense of the word.  I would describe them as being "Punk with two
saxaphones and the occasional ska-like song."  The Monsignors are
definitely all about playing a strong, hard, somewhat dark style of
music.  For those of you who are attracted to the more Punk side of Ska-core, I would strongly
suggest checking this CD out.  However, if you're a big fan of traditional, jazzy,
or 2-tone ska, steer clear of this release; it'll be a waste of your time.
Just as an afterthought, the Monsignors share the same Sax player as Hot
Stove Jimmy, so if any of you like Hot Stove, you may want to give these
guys a shot.
...kevin pasquinelli...

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