Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Earache Records

After a long layoff and a major personnel change, the Morbid Ones return. Steve Tucker takes the
place of the departed David Vincent (who is now getting his willy pierced by his wife Gen in the
Genitorturers) and his growly, rapid-fire delivery fits right in.

Longtime fans should love this, but I was a little disappointed. After such a hiatus,
Morbid Angel should have grown more. The first two tracks, "Heaving Earth" and "Prayer of Hatred"
are absolutely generic. Speed, heaviness, and extreme technical ability are all here, but the songs
are not that memorable. And that will always be the downfall of Morbid Angel.

The coolest track is the lengthy "Invocation of the Continual One", which is really a death
metal jam with a spaced out feel. Pretty interesting stuff! Strangely enough, though, I found those
weird little instrumentals the band does to be the most memorable things on the album. "Disturbance
in the Great Slumber" and "Ascent Through the Spheres" will linger in your mind longer than the
more standard death metal tracks will.

Yep, even though there's no faulting Azagthoth's incredibly guitar work and Pete Sandoval's
inhuman drumming, "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh" came across as somewhat disappointing. And that's
too bad.  
...mike korn...

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