Motion City Soundtrack - Back to the Beat
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When was the last time you heard a band on CD that sounded like they 
were just having a good time?  I know it's been a while for me.  But 
that dry spell stops right now with Motion City Soundtrack.  Motion 
City Soundtrack is just that -- a soundtrack for doing fun things.  
They have a great singer, fantastic hooks, and an all-around *fun* 
sound.  The overall vibe is that of the Get Up Kids, but it's not too 
obvious -- yes, MCS does use keyboards and the singer has the same sort 
of high-pitched voice, but it's not too derivative.  This all-too-short 
CDEP kicks off with "Capital H," a ridiculously poppy number which will 
have you singing "I'll be back tomorrowwww..." in your sleep.  "Throw 
Down" keeps the fun going with a strong guitar part and rollicking drums.  
"The Here Away" is the most ballad-ish of the 5 songs, but the best part 
about it is that it's less than 2 and a half minutes, so before it gets 
too sappy it ends.  "Opening Night" has some slightly off-key vocals in 
the chorus, but it's forgivable since the song itself is so damn good.  
"Back To The Beat" finishes off the CD with just vocals and guitar for a 
short minute, followed up by a distorted drumbeat closing the song.  The 
whole CD clocks in at under 12 minutes, but what a wonderful 12 minutes 
those are.  This is a band I am now dying to see live.  If they can sound 
like they're having this much fun on recording, who knows how good they 
are in front of a crowd?  I for one, intend to find out, and I hope you 
decide to, as well.  Motion City Soundtrack has all the working parts to 
become huge, so keep an eye on them.
...scott heisel...

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