Mr. Review - One Way Ticket to Skaville
Moon Ska

Fifteen years ago a band popped up out of Amsterdam. This band is known as Mr. Review, and they
have continued to make ska music ever since they started playing together. Mr. Review has had
several albums over in Europe, but this is their first on an American label, Moon Ska. All the
songs on this album were taken from previous albums, making this a compilation. This makers the
album a very strong ska album. It's totally original sounding with great melody and upbeat songs.
Some of my personal favorites were "The Street Where I'm Living", "The Girl is Money", and "Virgin
Ska". There are many other great tunes on this album, each with it's own unique sound and style.
This is one of the better ska bands I have ever heard. On a scale of one to five, I would give this
band a three.  
...mike farris...

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