MU330 - MU330
Asian Man Records

MU330, modern day hyper-ska kings, keep crankin' out the releases at an
almost inhuman rate.  Their newest, self-titled release brings you
everything you'd expect to hear from the band, with a few changes.  First
off, if you're a fan of MU330 don't worry; they haven't given up the super
fast, energetic mix of music that they're famous for.  But, they HAVE
gotten a little bit of a harder, darker sound going here.  There's
definitely a lot more distortion used in these songs than, say, Chumps on
Parade.  This doesn't take away from the ska sound, though.  MU330 has, in
my opinion, actually improved on their melodies in this release.  When
they're not playing a hard, fast, punk sound, MU330 blends the horns
perfectly for some excellent melodies in the slower, more Ska parts of
their music.  For those of you not familiar with the band, MU330 uses a
musical structure quite similar to bands like Slapstick, Kemuri, and the
Suicide Machines.  (What I mean by this is that their songs are often
organized in Distortion/ska/distortion/ska format.)  If you're a fan of
hyper-active, fast ska-punk, go out and buy some of this band's shit RIGHT
NOW.  If you're a big fan of slower, more trad sounding stuff though, don't
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