Mustard Plug - Pray For Mojo
Hopeless Records

Mustard Plug's newest release, "Pray for Mojo," has been eagerly awaited
by ska fans everywhere.  When I first finished listening to the CD, I
popped it right back in and listened to it again.  For those of you not
familiar with the band, Mustard Plug uses an effective mixture of ska and
punk rock to give their music a wonderful melodic sound while not
sacrificing any energy.  "Pray for Mojo" has to be, in my opinion, the
band's best release yet.  Although the band's sound hasn't changed too
much since their debut release, "Big Daddy Multitude," something about the
way they write songs continues to grow and mature with every new album. 
To those of you who ARE fans of Mustard Plug, GO OUT AND BUY THIS CD RIGHT
NOW!!! You will definitely not be disappointed.  Mustard Plug also manages
to keep their distinctive guitar and vocal sound in this CD.  When a band
that I like comes out with a new release, I often worry about the overall
sound of the band - what makes the band who they are - changing too much.
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to the Toasters' debut
CD "Skaboom" and then listen to "Dub 56" a couple of CD's later and
you'll get the picture.)  As far as those of you who are into ska but
haven't heard Mustard Plug yet, I urge you to check out this release.
Chances are, you'll dig it.
...kevin pasquinelli...

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