MxPx - Let It Happen
Tooth And Nail Records

I thought these guys were Christian rockers -- but the first song is about
a girl, not about Jesus! I guess that's a good thing. Let it Happen is
apparently a collection of some older MxPx stuff that is being released on
CD for some reason. Anyhow, Let it Happen starts out with a great poppy
song, Never Learn. The album continues with a slightly harder edge and then
the first cover on the album appears -- MxPx fuck up Social Distortion's
"Sick Boy" so badly that I can barely manage to listen to the rest of this
CD. Although, I gotta give the singer props for trying to sound like Mike
Ness. But there is only one Mike Ness, and only one Social D, so I
recommend MxPx go back to playing originals in the vein of Never Learn. The
album slogs along, and then I realize there are 32 tracks on here,
including demo and alternate versions of tracks that appeared on other
albums! Just what the world needs, an extended version of an MxPx song!
Yeeha. This CD gets pretty boring and repetitive VERY quickly. If all the
songs had been in the vein of the first one, I could give this my utmost
approval, but alas.
...john heisel...

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