Non-Aggression Pact - 9MM Grudge
Cargo Records

	Even though the name of the band directly promotes passivity, the second track of this
album might make you want to leave the house and cause some serious ruckus.  The song, entitled
"Blind Facts", doesn't enrage you with harsh lyrics of persecution, or pump you up with words about
fire and ferocity, on the contrary, it contains a lush backyard full of surging techno delight.
After the first song ("Join Hands") slyly tricks the listener into believing that the entire CD
will be soft and mellow, "Blind Facts" destroys the cocoon of relaxation and sends the body on a
flighty trip into exhilaration.  

NON-AGGRESSION PACT is made up of two guys: one mixing music, and one not. All the tracks do not contain house flava, but electronica is a guiding force throughout.

Track 5, "Wicked Painted Sun", does its best to get you hyped; track 8, "Der Angriff" sounds like it's straight out of a "Double Dragon" video game; and for better or worse, I'm fairly certain that the well done 10th track "Guided By Lust" uses a two-second sample from that song "Da Da Da". Another highlight is the computer society on song 13's "Data Rape".

9MM GRUDGE is a fantastically low-key album. Although it may not take a place in your collection as an admittedly over-played favorite, it can surely rest among the second tier as a consistent pinch hitting success; a breath of fresh air when the big boys need a rest. It's the kind of album that you can feel confident will satisfy your appetite, no matter which tastes you're currently desiring.
...kris keeker...

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