New Bomb Turks - Nightmare Scenario
Epitaph Records

The New Bomb Turks are probably the most rock'n'roll punk band I've ever
heard.  The only true way to describe this release is that it is punk rock,
at it's grittiest and best.  The NBTs show that you don't have to have big
production or anything to make a good release.  The sound on here sounds
like a demo tape from a garage band straight from track one, and it just
adds to the imagery of these guys rocking out live in my mind.  They have a
lot of power, and they play it like they mean it [which might sound stupid,
but consider how many bands nowadays really don't care all that much about
their lyricial or musical content].  I had never experienced the NBTs
before now, but after this, I definitely want more.  If you want the rock,
you want the New Bomb Turks.        
...scott heisel...

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