New Sweet Breath - Acceleration and Distortion
Magwheel Records

The first time I listened to this album I thought it
was brilliant.  But that was because I had had a lot
of King Cobra brand malt liquour to drink and had just
finished listening to 'Bif Naked' who ought to have
King Cobra poured down her sXe little throat until she
gags to death on it.  So, right off we can say that
New Sweet Breath is better than ghetto wine and awful
sXe chicks.

And actually, New Sweet Breath is better than a lot of things. Graig Markel really is a good singer/songwriter. His voice is soft, almost sensual in parts. It isn't sexy, you have to be born with that and Markel wasn't, but it's sensual and soothing. The songs are depressing but not quite heartbreaking, which is what keeps this album only good and not very good. Acceleration and Distortion squared = American Music Club. Which makes Markel the square root of Eitzel.

But who really wants the square root of Eitzel when Eitzel is out there?
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