NOFX - Pump Up The Valuum
Epitaph Records

Ok, it's NOFX.  Like I have to even review this, since I know all you kids
will buy it regardless.  But here goes nothing.  "Pump..." is a good, solid
NOFX album.  It's NOT the best, as you might have read somewhere, but it is
good.  I would personally put the uncomparable "Punk In Drublic" and "White
Trash..." before it.  NOFX has certainly not lost their humor on this
release, with tracks such as "Clams Have Feelings Too [actually they
don't]" and "My Vagina" but they seemed to have lost a step or two in the
overall message department.  NOFX's older albums, while containing plenty
of humor, also had some political and social messages intertwined,
educating the average punker while making them laugh.  This album seems to
dismiss any content in favor of cheap laughs [save "Dinosaurs Will Die," a
rant about major labels].  I'm personally leaning to "The Decline" over
this right now in recent NOFX releases, simply because "The Decline"
intrigued and educated me.  "Pump..." does neither.  This doesn't mean 
people can't enjoy the album, far from it.  It simply means that NOFX is 
content with themselves [but for how long?], and we are getting the end 
result: yet another NOFX release for the masses [and even a few picky record 
critics] to enjoy.          
...scott heisel...

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