Noothgrush / Gasp 7"
Clean Plate Records

Do not be fooled by the cutesy little pictures of Strawberry Shortcake and her cartoon friends
cavorting peacefully on the cover. There's some pretty heavy sarcasm going on there, because these
two bands are hateful, noisy, and just plain nasty.

Both are fronted by females, but expect no Fiona wannabes here. I think both bands might
have the same singer...the label's unclear. One thing's for sure: these ladies are pissed! Talk
about horrid witch-like screaming!

I prefer the wonderfully-named Noothgrush's track "Starvation". This is a fairly brutal
slab of doomy sludge metal in the vein of Eyehategod and the sadly ignored It Is I. Pretty good
riffs. The same cannot be said for Gasp's "Love for the Retarded Strands". It's retarded, all
right. An incoherent burst of noise punctured by samples of children playing and a kid's piano
being destroyed. Avoid.

Noothgrush is not bad, but Gasp should hang it up.  
...mike korn...

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