The No WTO Combo - Live From The Battles in Seattle
Alternative Tentacles

The No WTO Combo was a temporary project featuring Jello Biafra on vocals,
formed to protest last fall's WTO meetings in Seattle. Although it seemed
like Biafra was running out of ideas on the last Lard EP, this CD seems to
contradict that theory.

Live opens with a 15-minute spoken word rant from Biafra where he explains some of the problems of the WTO, and how exciting it is for so many divergent interest groups to get together to protest it all. After Biafra delivers his well-conceived spiel, the band breaks into an old Dead Kennedys song, "Let's Lynch the Landlord." Anyone who doubted Biafra still had the ferocious energy that made the Dead Kennedys so dear to many of us will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the Combo's version is just as good as the original.
The Combo then launch into two new songs that Biafra composed specifically for the occasion. Both of them sound like they could've been Dead Kennedys songs, except that the lyrics specifically place them at the end of the 20th century. It is songs like these that make me wish Biafra would give up on his electronic dabbling in Lard and start a new hardcore band -- the songs are that good.
Closing out the EP is the Combo's take on a Biafra/DOA song, "Full Metal Jacket." Having never been a big DOA fan, I can't comment on how well the song is played, but it ends the EP quite nicely.
All in all, the only thing to say is that this album will appeal mainly to Dead Kennedys fans. It is proof positive that Jello Biafra still has it.
...john heisel...

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