The Offspring - Americana
Columbia Records

I didn't want to like this, I swear I didn't. Granted, I got into punk with 7 million other kids in
1993 or whenever Smash came out, but I grew out of it. But I will admit it *was* a good album. For
most of this album, the Offspring rock as hard as Smash did and I find myself *liking* it.
Ohmygawd. So, that said, Americana reminds me lots of Smash. The single, Pretty Fly For a White
Guy, is the worst song on this CD musically, but the lyrics are a riot. And somewhere near the end
of the CD it sounds like Jane's Addiction. I don't know what the fuck that's all about. The
Offspring are a pretty good punkrock band. They should stick to the punk rock and not experiment.
Some bands should just do the same thing over and over again and the Offspring is one of those
bands. Lucky for us that they're still pretty good at it. 
...john heisel...

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