One Way System - Waiting for Zero
GMM Records

This album was very well mixed. There's a very dark SUB-HUM-ANS
element to this album. The music sounds like it has a lot of New Wave influence
to it but I can't place my finger on which bands. It sounds also as if 
there's some Minor Threat and a tiny bit of Crass influence in there.
This is an incredible album, it seriously blows my mind!! This is the
best new punk album I've heard in a long time. The music instantly
transports me back to the early eighties, not so much the punk aspect of
it, but the music in general. The lyrics have a lot of the 'believe in
your self, fuck the system' stuff we've been hearing for twenty plus
years but they are well written. This album intrigues me to no end!  This
is a "must have" album.
...rob biavati...

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