Panama - S/T
Two Street

If you're looking for some fun indie-pop, Panama delivers. 

Philadelphia's Panama remind me of a cross between the Pixies and Silver Scooter. I've read reviews of this record that compare it to New Zealand pop, but I'm not too familiar with that, so all I can offer are the above comparisons.
Anyhow, Panama play energetic indie pop that is fun to bounce around listening to. The album opens with 1060, presumably an ode to a Philly radio station, as the chorus goes something like "all news, all the time." The album continues in a lighthearted manner with Athletics, a song lamenting Philadelphia's loss of the A's to Oakland.
Not all the songs are quite as good as these two songs that lead off the album, but all of the songs have catchy parts that you can sing along to.
If you like indie pop, I can only say three words to you (and one of them is an acronym) -- Buy this CD!
...john heisel...

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