The Peacocks - Angel
Asian Man Records

I can't stand ska. I hate rockabilly. I don't mind Switzerland. Add that up 
and you have my opinion of this record.

The Peacocks shouldn't take it personally. I've met a few Swiss and they have all been very pleasant, and I have no reason to believe that this band would be any different. From their artwork I gather that they are all neat in appearance, clean cut with nice shiny well cared for instruments. Its just unfortunate that these All-American Europeans didn't pick an interesting genre.
I will confess that there are a handful of ska and rockabilly tunes that I have enjoyed in the past. On a whole, however, these genres' repetitive rythym is like a jackhammer destroying my sanity. I similarly dislike this brain beating as delivered by the vast majority of dance and techno, with their incessant boom-chick-boom-chick, but that is for a different record review.
For the sake of those readers who disagree with me (likely most of them) I will give a brief description of the record: There are no horns. There is an upright bass. There are no entertaining antics a la Horton Heat. Most songs are up tempo. Young people will jump around. The band is against racism. The record is not exportable to the UK. I don't know why.
...rick lindquist...

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