Pee Shy - Don't Get Too Comfortable
Mercury Records

Pee Shy remind me of Stereolab, only faster, more guitar, and poppier. What aspects of Stereolab
does that leave to remind me of? The electronic aspect, the experimentation, and the soft, sultry
female vocals. The vocals sound like the singer is grinning, exposing a secret to the listener,
testing the limit of how much of her story the listener will fall for. In addition to using the
traditional guitar / bass / drum combination, Pee Shy also utilize some instruments that are
slightly less used in the rock world, such as moog vibes, ebo, accordian, and clarinet. Pee Shy
also incorporate keyboards and loops into their songs, which, as I said, remind me of Stereolab. If
you're looking for some poppy indie rock music, check out Pee Shy. 
...john heisel...

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