Pele - Elephant
Sign Language

You know, Milwaukee is only about an hour or so away from
Chicago.  This here band, Pele, is therefore not far removed - neither in
geography nor sound, actually.  These guys used to boast an ex-member of
the Promise Ring but he has taken his keyboards and moved on,
apparently.  It's a shame, because I genuinely loved the old Pele
material.  That's not to say that this CD is particularly bad, it's just
not particularly anything.  At the core they are a three piece slightly
rock-ish and slightly jazz-ish combo.  Occasionally, they rock out,
occasionally they take the long way around and mope towards a resolution
at six or seven minutes.  For the most part though, they don't really do
much of anything.  Not one of these songs is memorable or catchy to
me.  I've  probably listened to this three or four times and I still don't
have an opinion one way or another.  I mean, there's no denying that
they're good musicians and that they are writing songs I could not even
comprehend composing, but what it comes down to for me is whether or not I
want to listen to it.  It's not that I don't, because it is nice and fine
when it's on, but I think ill reach for my Paul Newman records first.
...david smith...

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