Piebald - If It Weren't For Venetian Blinds, It'd Be Curtains For Us All
Big Wheel Recreation

This looked pretty unappealing from the outset -- the title is probably
one of the lamest attempts at being cute and funny I've ever seen. Putting
the disc in my CD player (actually, I've listened to it on four seperate
systems!) didn't heighten my experience too much. Piebald play pretty
standard emo-core, but I don't think the vocalist's throat is strong
enough to sing emotionally. The way he sings, you get the idea that the
songs should have meaning and should be embraced intensely by all
listeners, but his vocals never quite get to the point where they just
smack you in the face and make you pay attention. Piebald does compose
some catchy rhythms (like on "Grace Kelly With Wings") and some catchy
vocals that will stick in your head ("It's not funny like ha-ha / It's
funny like I told you so" from "Mess With the Bulls") -- but then again,
so does Ricky Martin. My friend tells me that Piebald used to kick ass, so
hopefully this is just a minor slump and they'll return to form for their
next album.
...john heisel...

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