Planes Mistaken For Stars - Knife in the Marathon
Deep Elm

Don't let a band's record label fool you. Although Planes Mistaken For
Stars are putting out records for Deep Elm, don't expect them to sounds
like the generic emocore that permeates Deep Elm's Emo Diaries compilations. 

Planes play hardcore. They keep it fast, pissed off, and emotional. Planes' two vocalists, Gared and Matt, both keep their vocals to the harder side of things, but Gared's vocals could be described as the more melodic of the two. Don't be fooled though, that's not saying much. Although Matt screams from the depths of his soul, Gared counters that with a singing voice that sounds more like pained shrieks than standard singing.
The songs on this 6-song EP (five originals and an Unbroken cover) pretty much lead one right into the other, and are all over before you know it. In a sense, this EP does exactly what it should -- rocks you out temporarily, and leaves you hungry for more.
I think I can safely say that Knife in the Marathon is my favorite hardcore record since Refused's Shape of Punk to Come. While Planes don't employ the levels of technology and technicality that Refused used, they do come across as being as sincere and emotional in what they play.
...john heisel...

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