Planes Mistaken For Stars - S/T
Deep Elm

The year before I attended college, Planes Mistaken For Stars played on my campus. The Poster Children
and Hum have also played here before I was a student. I've seen the latter two bands, but even though
Planes Mistaken For Stars was birthed less than an hour from where I study, they manage to elude me.
They played three shows here recently. Twice in their hometown of Peoria (once with Saetia and once 
with Tintoretto, both amazing bands, and I hear that the latter has broken up, which is sad), and once
at Chicago's Fireside Bowl. My roommate and some of my friends made the drive to Chicago, but I was
just too tired. 

After listening to the Planes Mistaken For Stars CD numerous times in the past month on my home stereo (and on my recent drive to Philadelphia), I realize that I should've told my body that it could live without sleep for another 6-8 hours, and gone the old sleep-deprivation route. Everyone I know who has seen PMFS live says that they put on an amazing show. If their live show is half as good as I feel when I am playing air guitar and jumping around the room to their CD, I know I will be in for a treat when I finally see them.
So anyhow, PMFS started in Peoria, IL and put out a 9 song CD. They moved to Denver for some reason, and Deep Elm re-released the CD for the masses. Kudos to Deep Elm for doing so. This band is too good to be forgotten among the stacks of crappy CDs marking the passage into the record store's .99 cent bin. PMFS play emotional hardcore that sounds like a punk version of Hum with the guy from Cursive at the microphone. Only with a bit more of a tendency to scream. Although none of the songs rock me out as hard as the opening track, they all rock, and Copper and Stars (the opener), is one of those songs that I will be putting on mix tapes for years to come.
All in all, I recommend this CD, and I recommend the live show. And someday you might just see me there.
...john heisel...

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