V/A - Post Marked Stamps Compilation
Tree Records

For everyone who doesn't have the 7"s compiled on this disc, this is the cd of
the year (well, if you're an "emo" fan that is).  Even though I do have all of
them, it's still pretty damn nice to have them all on one cd for easier
listening.  All the big names are here.  Braid, the Get Up Kids, Compound Red,
Very Secretary, etc etc. The real gems on this cd are the bands you haven't
heard of though.  

The opening track is from the brilliant Philadelphia band, Aspera Ad Astra. If you have a chance, pick up their album on audioinformationphenomena records. It, like the song on this comp, is stunning. Put them in the same class as My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, and Spiritualized. Rainer Maria offers up the first song since thier stellar full-length released in late '97. Always a great band. Other standouts include the more subtle, soft songs by Still Life (yes, an acoustic song from them), Jen Wood (one half of Tattletale), the Deadwood Divine (aka Tom Lomacchio, singer from the late Plunger), Ida (with an alternate version of a spng from their first lp), and a real gem by Tim Kinsella covering the Promise Ring's "Picture Postcard."
Besides all the slower, prettier songs, you also have rockers from bands such as the Hal Al Shedad, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Ethel Meserve, and a Minor Forest. I don't think theres a loser in the entire bunch. Seriously. Screw the new Deep Elm compilation. Pick this up instead, it's guaranteed to be about 100 times better. I promise.
...david smith...

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