Polysics - Hey! Bob! My Friend!
Asian Man Records

There is so much energy in what this band is doing, it's almost exhausting
to listen to this whole album straight through.  This is loud volume punk pop 
madness, starring Kraftwerk, Devo, and Man or Astroman?.  And it's seemingly
from JAPAN!  Inside the record sleeve are photos of the band dressed up in 
Devo-like outfits in front of various monuments of commerce -- they are 
obviously very stoked about technology, and they channel this fervor through
this LOUD FAST and CHAOTIC rock.  Man or Astroman? could only wish they could
mesh electronics & surf rock the way these weirdos have done it.  But it's 
obvious where this band's main focus lies -- most songs start out with the 
drum machine and random bleeps and bloops, but then in comes the raucous 
guitar to harmonize perfectly.  And just wait til the lyrics come in.  It's 
almost like Devo, extremely energetic Devo, or maybe even David Byrne on a 
stimulant binge.  

Don't get this album to find elaborate messages on the state of romance today, to hear those calming words you've been waiting on to ease your heart. Rather, buy this album to find out what it's like to have a hyperactive behavior disorder. Absolute madness.
And even though it would turn any small inkling of a headache into a nuclear explosion, there's definitely appeal to the Polysics ... maybe no other band can really keep their rock together steadily with synthesizers, drum machines and quirkiness, or maybe it's the tightness with which the Polysics can do it.
This is punk Japanese math-rock playing Gameboy on a steady dose of uppers.
...tim johnson...

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