Potshot - Rock N Roll
Asian Man Records

Potshot's newest release "Rock 'n Roll" was at first slightly intriguing for
me; I'd never listened to the band before, and I was eager to hear what they
sounded like.  I must confess, I was thoroughly dissapointed.

Potshot is yet another attempt by sub-average songwriters and musicians at creating a band that sounds like Slapstick. (A word to all of these 13-year-old, poppy, ska-punk Slapstick wannabees: GIVE IT A FUCKING REST!)
Potshot followed the classic ska/punk progression through just about every song, used very similar chord progressions, and horn lines that seemed at times almost identical. Listening to the CD was like listening to one really long song.
In addition to the crappy sounds of the instruments, the vocals sucked as well. The singer sounded like the guy from Reel Big Fish with a fork jammed down his throat.
Now don't get me wrong; I like ska-punk. Slapstick is of course Godlike, and SOME of the newer ska-punk/ska-core bands out there are actually very good (MU330, for instance.) But it's bands like Potshot that give the rest of Ska/punk music a bad name.
Even if you're a huge fan of Ska/punk, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BAND!!!! Chances are, you'll think they suck. If you like trad ska, don't even enter a room that has Potshot playing in the background; you may end up facedown in a toilet for several hours.
...kevin pasquinelli...

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