Primus - Antipop
Interscope Records

Les Claypool's wacky funk-rock trio puts out another album. The
best way to describe this album is to imagine watching a show at 3 a.m.
about a run down carnival which has been closed down for years, but the
stage acts still preform nightly. 

Some of the songs on the album tend to lag a little, but overall it's a good album. It's got songs produced by Stuart Copland, Tom Waits, Matt Stone, Fred Durst, and Tom Morello. Plus, it's got guest appearances by Tom Waits, Tom Morello, James Hetfield, and more. The lyrics are filled with the social sarcasm and incoherent tales usually heard on Primus albums. The music seems to have some influence from the whole rap-rock explosion but maintains the classic Primus sound. There's one song which is really cool and it kind of has an ambient Pink Floyd-esque style without the crappy classic rock sound. The album is really interesting though, it's worth checking out, especially if creativity is a factor.
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