The Queers - Beyond the Valley
Hopeless Records

The Queers' Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers is the crass and
angry projection of a man who's had enough of punk rock sellouts,
prognosticators and pretensions. Repeatedly slamming skinheads, ex-band
members and girlfriends, it seems the album is more of a bitter vendetta
than a collection of song writing. The music isn't at all bad, at times
it is a tad reminicent of the Vindictives. Tracks range from sinister to
pop-a-licious (the third track, "Strangle the Girl," sounds like it
could be seen on MTV being played to a crowd of bouncing teenie-boppers
by three strapping lads sporting spiked hair, eyebrow rings and T-shirts
with skateboard manufacture logos).

Catchy song titles such as "My Cunt's a Cunt" and "Just Say Cunt" combined with hilarious lyrics like, "There once was this dude on T.V., his name was Alan Funt..." make Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers lots of fun for disgruntled folks like me. All this was slung together to convey one message: "the future of punk rock is now, mother fucker!!!" So save your money and buy this record because according to Joe Queer, "punk rock of the new millennium, it's all about the money." I couldn't agree more.
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