Rainer Maria - Atlantic
Polyvinyl Records

Rainer Maria's newest release, the CDEP "Atlantic," contains three songs that range
in style from the loud rock of their first EP to the softer ballads on "Look Now Look 

"Atlantic" begins with "There Will Be No Night, " featuring a repetitive guitar line plucked by Kyle Fischer, melding with the staccato drumming of drummer Bill Kuehn. Simultaneously, bassist/vocalist Caithlin De Marrais comes in with both a pulsating bass line and her soft vocals, stating simply, "If we put things right, then we'll sleep tonight. If we can't put things right, then there will be no sleep tonight."
On "Atlantic's" second track, the title track, De Marrais sings a song of nature and is accompanied by music that starts out quiet but is not afraid to explode into walls of distortion when it is necessary to punctuate a point.
"Soul Singer" ends "Atlantic" with one of the most driving rock songs Rainer Maria has written since their 1996 debut EP. It sounds like it could've come from that very EP if the band had three years to work on it instead of a few months.
While "There Will Be No Night" appears solely to be a love song (De Marrais and Fischer are in a relationship), "Atlantic" and "Soul Singer" seem to lyrically foreshadow Rainer Maria's recent move from Madison, Wis., to New York. "Soul Singer" starts out with "I'm leaving all I know behind," and sticks in that somewhat melancholy mood the whole song. By the end, though, the listener is left with the hope for a positive future, reinforced by the last words sung on the EP: "When lost souls stay, just one more day, so far away, it's lovely."
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