Rainer Maria - Look Now Look Again
Polyvinyl Records

I've been listening to Rainer Maria a lot lately. Not just in preparation for this new album, but
because their first EP (self-titled) and LP (Past Worn Searching) remind me of the feeling of
love. The intensity, the melody, the feedback, the beauty, the emotion all bring to mind what it
feels like to be in love and to lose love. And I want to be in love again, so yeah. Anyhow, I just
got the new Rainer Maria CD and as of this writing, I am pretty sure that it completes the trinity.
It's not as harsh as its predecessors. Kyle's out-of-key vocals are kept to a minimum and are
usually used in a backing sense. Only on a couple of tracks do Kyle and Caithlin share the vocal
duties. For most of the album, Caithlin's beautiful voice reigns. Her voice ranges from subdued, 
almost whispered comments, to intense and emotionally grabbing. Look Now Look Again sees Rainer
Maria head in a much more indie-rock direction than their previous work. The production is
top-notch and the vocals shine through melodies that are repeated with little alteration and are so
catchy that you won't be able to get them out of your head for ages. Rainer Maria prove again that
they are one of the best bands playing today. I haven't seen them live in over a year, but they'll
be swinging by here in about a week, and you can bet I'll be there. And even without seeing them, I
can recommend that you find out if/when they are playing near you and go there right away.
...john heisel...

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