Royal Crown Revue - The Contender
Warner Brothers

Swing's the craze right now and there are few modern swing bands that can hold a torch to the bands
of yesteryear. Royal Crown Revue are not one of them, nonetheless, they do create a pretty good
sound here. Not quite as energetic and bouncy as other bands but they're definitely talented
musicians and I will allow them to exist on this planet. If you're 14 and want to get into swing
while it's the latest trend, make sure to pick this CD up, cuz even though they've been on the
'scene' for a decade, they'll be forgotten once the fad is over, and the CD spine will look fine on
your shelf with Green Day, No Doubt, Sublime, Smashmouth and all the other pop shit that you liked
for a couple weeks. 
...john heisel...

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