Recess Theory - They Would Walk Into the Picture
Take Hold

Whoa, I didn't know Mac from Superchunk sang for an emo band! Seriously
though, this guy's voice sounds really really close to Mac's, kinda high and
squeaky. You know the bit. Unfortunately it isn't him (or the band would
be selling copies of this cd off the hook). Instead we have a loud/soft
"emo" band playing some nice, pleasing, smooth indie rock. Sometimes it's
hard to get specific about bands' sounds if they play rather unspecific
music. So I guess I can't really say all that much, it seems to fall right
in the middle of the pack. Rather harmless but aggressive in spots with
quiet, clean guitar parts cutting into louder distorted sections. I think
that's about the best descirption I can give this.  It ain't bad by any
stretch, but it's just hard to set it apart from the pack at all. I hate to
say "this sounds generic" because I don't like to be that overly negative,
but there is something to be said for the level of originality of this
band. I'm sure if I saw them live they'd rock pretty hard and be pretty
satisfying, much like this cd. Does that mean I want to go see them every
week? No. Does that mean I want to listen to this cd all the time? No. But
when I do, it's a pretty nice time. 
...david smith...

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