Redd Kross - Show World
Mercury Records

When I picked up this CD, I remembered seeing the name Redd Kross before, on old punk flyers. 
Redd Kross played shows with Black Flag, Descendents, and Sonic Youth among others, so I
figured I was in for something else I would like. Redd Kross surprised me. If they ever
sounded like the aforementioned bands, they certainly don't know. They've grown up (the
McDonald brothers, the band's nucleus, were in their teenage years when the band started in
the early 80s) and their sound has changed. Show World reminds me heavily of Oasis, vocally,
with a big more of an American alternative-rock slant to it. The lyrics seem to draw a bit
from the poppy stylings of Cheap Trick ('It's so easy, pretty please me' from "Pretty Please
Me"). Throw all these styles together and you have a real winner. Although not what I
expected, Show World did not disappoint me.
...john heisel...

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