Reflector 7"
Paper Brigade

Lately I've been hearing a lot about thins band from friends and on the
internet.  As far as I can gather, this is the bands second 7" to date.
I'd also read less-than-favorable reviews of that 7" so I guess I was
getting into this 7" with a mixed bag of hype and information. Last fall
they toured with the Casket Lottery whom I saw in Champaign-Urbana with
American Football but Reflector was not with them. I guess that was
unfortunate for me because this is a pretty good 7".  It's not something
that knocked me right off my feet but each time I listen to it I wonder
why I dont do so more often.  Kinda like the second Boy's Life lp....

...and that seems to be a good point of reference for this. From the first time I listened to it I could hear the heavy late-boy's life influence. From the soft spoken, effect laden vocals and clean guitars giving way to a slightly more driving, midwest emo sound this is pretty much right there. It's not totally straight forward midwest stuff, but it doesn't stray that far either. Yeah, the second Boy's Life record is where this is at. It may be a little less sparse, but then again, its only a 7". The second song on this record does hint at the sparseness that is late-Boy's Life. I'd imagine their full-length to be pretty much awesome if they are even anywhere near Boy's Life. I mean, this isn't a total rip-off by any means, and if there's a band to sound close to, they could do a hell of a lot worse. I look forward to big things from this band. I guess it should also be noted that the layout is pretty cool looking here, I like the sleeve a lot. It's kinda hard to describe, but trust me, this is a nice looking record. Buy it if you get the chance, but look out for these guys in the future; on a full-length format they could rock the house.
...david smith...

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