Refused - The New Noise Theology
Honeybear Records

Hot on the heels of their full-length on Burning Heart (and their breakup) comes this new EP on
Honeybear. Usually I think CDEPs are pretty fucking worthless -- when you've got 74 minutes to work
with, you'd better not waste my time by putting 15 minutes of music on it. Whatever happened to 7"
EPs, I ask? The Refused EP clocks in at slightly over 20 minutes, but does not waste one second
rocking your ass. The EP opens with New Noise, which was on The Shape of Punk to Come. The best way
to describe this song is if Rage Against the Machine were a punk band with much more emotion and
conviction they might make a song like this. By the end of New Noise's five and a half minutes,
you'll find yourself shouting "CAN I SCREAM?" Tracks 2 and 3, Blind Date and Poetry Written in
Gasoline, respectively, are only available on this EP. Blind Date, at 3 minutes long, is short by
Refused standards. It starts out with a jungle beat but progresses to a rocking, screamed song in
the Refused fashion. Poetry Written in Gasoline is seven minutes long and mixes a hard guitar line
with a soft underbeat and screaming and singing. This band is fucking amazing. The last track is a
techno remix of Refused Are Fucking Dead, the original version of which was on the LP. This EP is
pretty damned good, and combined with the recent LP on Burning Heart, is a good epitaph for this
Swedish band (no pun intended).
...john heisel...

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