Resin Scraper - Heard Mentality
Magwheel Records

If you have one of those huge old Cadillac
convertibles from the Civil War, the kind that Opie
Cunningham drag raced against in American Graffiti,
then you ought to get a CD player put in it and drive
around for hours playing this.  And if you don't, I
guess other sorts of people would like this too.  Me,
for instance.

The name "Resin Scraper" makes me laugh, it reminds me of all those indie bands a few years ago who were quickly running out of gritty, industrial sounding things to call themselves. I can hardly wait for the debut album from "Scum Stripper" or "Steel Wool By-product".
At any rate, the album really is good. The promos bill it, as they are legally required to do, as the greatest thing to come out since oral sex, but in spite of the bedazzling propaganda of the wily record label, the album is good on its own merits.
Unglamorous, simple, straight punk rock from Canada. You can't really tell they are Canadian or anything, because they are pissed off and don't say 'aye' all the time. (Aye would be a cool substitute for 'oi' actually, there could be an 'aye punk' genre.) The songs are short, fierce, and compelling. This is a very good album if you like the garage punk/hardcore sound. Everything about it is solid, strong and plain, not like the mall punk bullshit that comes out of the suburbs so often.
All in all, good album. Worth having.
...ron provine...

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