The Restless Few - Striving For Failure

When it comes to rock and roll, I'm just a romantic
fool.  So when a demo tape arrived "Postage Due" with
a hand written note explaining who the band was and
thanking me in advance for listening to it, I hoped
for good things.  Well for once, I got good things.

The Restless Few is a punk rock band. I think they are called the Restless Few but used to be called the Subversives. See on the demo tape on top of the tape cover there is a hand-written "The Subversives" and then it is crossed out and "The Restless Few" is written beneath it. So either this is the most ludicrously punk example of ripping off other artists ever or the band has undergone a name change. Maybe their drummer left. Fucking drummers always leave.
The four songs on the demo are Fake ID, I Wanna Be A Welfare Cheat, Teenage Suicide, and Debt Slave. These are very well crafted songs. Usually, stuff at the harder edge of pop punk sucks, but this is one of the exceptions to that rule.
Instrumentally they are slick, fast, at times even bouncy. For very brief moments, the instrumentals are actually reminiscent of the Buzzcocks off of Singles Going Steady. For much longer intervals, I would put the guitar work up against almost anything on Look Out! records right now.
The wailing is pretty good too, not hard to listen to except where it is supposed to be. A good voice for punk, not something I would like to hear singing opera. But then I don't like to hear anything singing opera, unless I know I get to kill it after it finishes.
Lyrically, I think "I Wanna Be A Welfare Cheat" is great fun. Why are there so many songs about disaffected kids *still* being written? Because the youth is still disaffected. I blame Regan. Sure the lyrics on the demo aren't innovative and the themes have been covered, but hell they're more than themes now anyway. They are punk rock motifs, and they are handled well by the Restless Few.
I can't see why these guys shouldn't have a record contract pretty soon, if they want one and stay together. If they ever put out a CD I recommend you get it and if they ever come to wherever the hell you are, I recommend you see them.
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