Roadside Monument - I Am the Day of Current Taste
Tooth & Nail

This is by far the best band on Tooth and Nail that I've ever heard (well, 
barring the ever astounding Frodus). That, however, is not saying too
much. Even though these guys might be better than Morela's Forest or MxPx,
they still ain't that great.  Like MxPx, though, they seem to have found
their niche with the underground scene, transcending the Christian stigma
that surrounds their label. I've never quite understood why everyone even
cares about this band, though. Nothing they've done on their last two
albums is worth the heaps of praise that I have read about them. I don't
know, I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

This album was produced and mixed by J. Robbins of past Jawbox and current Burning Airlines fame. In the last couple of of years, this fact alone has been able to sell even the most mediocre of bands; Roadside Monument included. Like the hype surrounding RM, I dont understand the hype surrounding an album produced by J. Robbins. To me, it seems like he makes every band he records into a Jawbox clone (remember Braid's last album? Remember how Jawbox did it first?). This album, again, is no exception. Their brand of technical "math" rock/"emo" has been done before (and better, I might add) by the great Jawbox. This band is almost an exact replica! Right down to the ultra clean, crisp vocals over the complex, quirky guitar work. Hell, even Borocas gets ripped off here. The thing is, when compared to such a stellar band like Jawbox, it's easy to see just how bland this band truly is.

I pass.
...david smith...

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