Saves The Day - Through Being Cool
Equal Vision

Well, Saves The Day has avoided the sophomore jinx -- almost.  The music is
fantastic, engaging, and very smooth.  The lyrics, while at some points
nonsensical, tell a beautiful story and paint a picture out of words.  The
band members themselves are, as my little sister proclaims, "cute."  This
guarantees success.  The only fault I find with this CD is that the layout
is one of the most godawful pieces of crap I've ever looked at.  I don't
know if they were trying to be funny with it or what, but I found it cheesy
and stupid.  But don't let that stop you from buying this soon to be
emo/punk classic.  If you like your punk fast, melodic, and emotional,
Saves The Day is just what you need.
...scott heisel...

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