Scannerfunk - Wave Of Light By Wave Of Light
Sulphur Records

This would've sounded pretty phenomenal a few years ago.  They way they can
take a good groovy mellow sort-of trancy, ambient beat and put it on top of
some groovy melodic synthesizers is pretty swell.   But it's not something
that would shake the world today as much as the work of other groups who
were doing the same thing 3 or 4 or 5 or even 6 or 7 years ago. It's
hardly the type of "soundtrack music to a future-world" which it may have
seemed that long ago.  Scannerfunk is more playing catch-up to their
predecessors than building on the science of techno, which is what most
other respected electronic artists do.

I will, however, give Scannerfunk some points for these achievements:
1) Makes good background music. Most of the tracks are not instrusive enough to interrupt occupying tasks such as homework, banging, trade shows, network television or room cleaning. Just don't put it on while you're driving as you might fall asleep and don't use it for workout music because you might not be motivated to lose that extra pound.
2) Good use of presumeably sampled beats. Lots of the percussion tracks on this album are quite delicious and meld with the synthy stuff to make some nice original harmonies and rhythms (and, therefore, songs).
3) Lack of pretense. The album is packaged in rather bland art which tells you it's a good unintrusive album. A good album to play during, say, an exhibit of architectural photography.
4) Reminding me that I hate repeated one-word samples in ambient trance techno. When a song is slow and mellow yet in every pattern repeats the word "automatic", I get annoyed. That's track four. I don't like it.
And, uh, well, I can't think of much more to give the album points for. Why should you buy it? You might be looking for good electronic music to concentrate to. Or, you might like the group's name.
Another thing I want to say is that a lot of the songs are like long flowing electronic jam sessions. They take the first 45 seconds to build up and then keep going on for another 5 or 6 minutes. This helps the monotony factor and keeps you from losing focus on, say, cleaning the fish tank, or reading Chomsky, but it certainly won't affect you well if you're looking for wondrous hooks to jam out to.
All in all, it gets a certain amount of stars out of 5. Enjoy.
...tim johnson...

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