Scared of Chaka / The Real Swinger 7"
Ballroom Blitz

Italy's Ballroom Blitz Records recently released their first 7", and it's a
perfect gateway into a punkrock summer. The 7" is a split between New
Mexico's Scared of Chaka and Italy's The Real Swinger. Scared of Chaka rip
it up with two of their patented catchy garage rock songs that you'd sing
along to if only you could understand the words. I didn't like this side so
much the first time I listened to it, as it sounds like the vocals were
recorded in my recently decased pair of Cons with huge holes in the soles,
but the songs have grown on me since I picked this 7" up. The Real Swinger
side starts out with "Addicted to My Girl," perhaps one of the catchiest
pop punk songs that I've heard in a long time. I think I'm going to wear
out the grooves on this 7" if the number of spins this side has gotten in
the last week remains consistent for the rest of the summer. The second
Real Swinger song, Poser, reminded my room mate musically of Sweet's
"Ballroom Blitz," so he wasn't too surprised when I told him what the
record label was called. In any case, it rocks, but not as hard as
"Addicted." The artwork on this 7" is great, too. Pick this up at any cost!
...john heisel...

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